Does your lower back area feel stiff?  Do your muscles feel tight and achey?  If so Deep Tissue massage is ideal for you.

Deep tissue massage is a firm, targeted treatment ideal for aches and stiffness.  It can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable but should not hurt.  People usually feel a  “good pain” as tight areas are worked on.

I’ve written blogs on massage and how it helps with specific issues.   So if you have shoulder pain, lower back pain, or neck pain click on the links to read a bit more detailed information.

What to expect from a deep tissue massage?

I begin with a consultation to make sure there are no medical reasons why you cannot have a deep tissue massage.  We also talk about why you have come for massage and what areas are sore or tight.  Then we work out a treatment plan of what areas will be treated, for example back and neck or legs and feet etc.

You will then undress as much as needed (but always keep underwear on) and Iie on massage couch covered with a towel.  Only the area being treated will be uncovered so your modesty is protected at all times.

I begin with long sweeping strokes to warm up the area being treated.   Then I use firmer more targeted strokes using thumbs and knuckles to work out any knots.  Finally long relaxing strokes are used to wind the muscles down.

Usually people feel a lot looser and flexible after a deep tissue massage.  Sometimes they feel a little achey (like you might feel after doing a lot of exercise) for a day or so after.

In clinic


45 minute  appointment – £30
60 minute appointment – £40.00
90 minute appointment £55

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Prices for mobile visit from £70 depending on location and duration – contact me for more information.

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