Aromatherapy to help beat winter blues

The top aromatherapy oils for January

January can be a depressing month! This blog post is about how you can use aromatherapy to reduce winter blues and feel your best.

Why do we feel so bad in January?

  • We tend to overindulge over Christmas and end up feeling bloated and sluggish.
  • It’s dark and cold outside – so tempting to turn into a couch potato
  • There are loads of viruses around

aromatherapy for the winter blues

I love to use aromatherapy oils to help lift my mood and boost my wellbeing. Here are a few suggestions of oils to help with the worst of January meh


Festive food left you feeling bloated? Some great oils to help are:

  • Fennel – with a slightly aniseed fragrance this is a lovely soothing oil to calm upset tummies
  • Peppermint – the best oil for bloating and colic pain
  • Ginger – comforting and soothing – use the essential oil or make a tea from root ginger

The best way to use essential oils for bloating is to blend 2 – 5 drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil and gently massage onto the abdomen

Feeling Tired and sluggish

The dark nights make many feel tired. Some great oils to pep you up are

  • Peppermint – great to wake you up!
  • Rosemary – my favourite oil to boost concentration
  • Lemon – a mental and emotional boost – comforting as well as stimulating

These can be great as a room fragrance in a diffuser or pop a drop on a tissue and inhale

Feeling Low

Shorter days, back to work blues and the anti climax after Christmas can make anyone feel a bit blue. Some great oils to lift your mood are:

  • Lemon is wonderfully uplifting and comforting
  • Bergamot – a lovely citrus smell. Milder than lemon – it feels gentle and comforting.

Try in an aromatherapy diffuser or dilute a few drops in a carrier oil before adding to a bath.

Aromatherapy safety

Aromatherapy is gentle but use the oils safely! Essential oils are higly concentrated. Don’t apply to the skin undiluted. If you are pregnant check with your midwife or an aromatherapist before using any oils.

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