Sports therapy uses a variety of techniques such as deep tissue massage and stretching.  It helps prevent/ speed recovery from injury and relieves pain and stiffness.   This is not a relaxing form of massage but you will leave feeling better.  If you want to relax try another one of my therapies.

A Sports Massage Therapy Appointment

A typical massage session begins with a consultation to check you can safely have sports massage and to find out what your treatment goals are.

After the consultation a treatment plan is devised and I will begin the treatment.  You will be massaged with a variety of techniques and possibly some stretching techniques will be used where I will assist you to stretch further than you are able to alone.

The session concludes with some advice on self care (e.g. exercises to do at home, using heat or cold therapy etc).

 sports massage to back

Who is sports massage/therapy suitable for?

Most people think of athletes when they think of sports massage – and certainly athletes do benefit from it.  I’ve worked intensively with people training for a one off event such as a marathon and others who are returning to exercise after a break.  Sports massage can help speed recovery and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) – that aching we all get when we decide to do a lot of exercise we are not used to!

Other clients have sedentary jobs and come once every 4-6 weeks for a body “MOT” – they find it helps keep aches and pains at bay and keep them in top form.



60 minute appointment – £45


Prices for mobile visit from £70 depending on location and duration – contact me for more information.


You can book online here for a clinic visit.  For a mobile visit please contact me.