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What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a specialised form of massage therapy ideal for treating injuries, aches pains and niggles and to help the body recover from sports.  Not just for people participating in vigorous exercise, it’s also useful for everyday aches and pains.

What happens in a Sports Massage Session?

A sports massage includes various techniques.  A typical session might begin with checks on your range of movement to determine which muscle groups are overly tight.  Various massage techniques would then be used to increase blood supply to the muscles and to release tension in tight areas, such as deep tissue massage.

The session could also incorporate assisted stretching, where I help you to stretch deeply to increase range of movement and reduce muscular tension.

Usually a session would conclude with a second range of movement check to compare with the first to show how much improvement has been obtained from the massage.

Does Sports Massage Hurt?

Sports massage does use deeper pressure than other massage therapies so can sometimes feel a little bit uncomfortable but most people describe it as “a good pain”.  I do ask for regular feedback on pressure used so if you would like firmer or gentler pressure let me know and I will adapt the massage to suit.

Is Sports Massage suitable for everybody?

Before any treatment I do a quick questionnaire to check for any medical issues that might mean massage is unsuitable for you.  For example if you are acutely unwell or have recently had major surgery you should not have massage until recovered.  If you have a long standing chronic condition you might need to check with a doctor before having treatment.

If you have any questions I haven’t covered in this blog please leave a comment or contact me here.  You can find information on pricing here.

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