should I cancel my massage if i am sick?

Self care tips for Wintertime illnesses

It’s that time of year when people start catching colds and various viruses.

What can you do to help yourself?

Is it safe to go for a massage when you are feeling under par?

When should you cancel your massage appointment?

Self Care Tips for Getting Better Faster

We all get ill, and you will get better much faster by taking care of you and resting!

A few tips:

  • Ask for help from friends or family.  Can somebody pop round with some food so you don’t have to go out in the cold weather?
  • Eliminate what you can from your work load.
  • Many things, such as housework can wait!
  • Stay warm, drink plenty of fluids and get some rest.


Some great essential oils to burn in your diffuser  when ill are:

  • Tea tree – antibacterial and antiviral
  • Frankincense – soothing for chesty coughs
  • Peppermint – great if you have a vomiting bug or feel nausea
  • Lavender – if you are having trouble sleeping

Epson salt baths are very good for sore muscles and achy muscles when you’re sick.

It is very tempting to just try to push through and carry on with your regular schedule even when you’re sick. We all want to do it all and accomplish our goals, but by resting and taking care of yourself you’ll be back at it faster and healthier and stronger!

Should I cancel my massage if I’m sick?

Massage isn’t always a good idea if you aren’t well.


  • When you are sick, your body needs rest. It’s strange to think about it this way, but receiving massage is an active task, it is not entirely rest. Massage causes change in the body, and your body has to work to maintain stability.
  • Getting a massage when you are sick takes attention away from infection-fighting. That’s no good.
  • You’re not going to be comfortable on the massage table.  When you have a stuffy head, lying face down is going to make you feel much worse!

When to cancel

  • If you have had nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea in the past 24 hours, or are still feeling ill from a recent bout.
  • If you’ve had a fever in the past 24 hours, or fever-related symptoms.
  • If you are itchy, runny, and/or sneezy, and its not an allergy
  • You are coughing constantly

There is often some grey area here, especially if you are in the recovery phase of a virus or bacterial infection.  If you’re unsure about your situation, please call me before your appointment and we can make a decision together.

If you cancel due to sickness I will waive my cancellation fee provided you let me know by 9 am on the day of your appointment.

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