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Relax Therapies is now working to offset carbon emissions with the aim of making the business carbon neutral. This is really important to me as I want to make a positive impact on climate change.

I’ve always been environmentally concious. I have run my business the same way. For example I minimise the use of plastic and use ethically sourced aromatherapy oils. I never use products tested on animals.

To offset my carbon emissions I have partnered with Ecologi. Ecologi work worldwide to fund projects to reduce carbon output and to plant forests around the world.

I am actively supporting a reforestation project in Madagascar and in Dalry in Scotland.

Reforestation in Madagascar by the Eden project in partnership with Ecologi

I am also funding projects to reduce carbon emissions.

For example a project in India to produce solar power and reduce carbon emissions. Another project in Eritrea provides clean boreholes providing fresh clean water. Not only does this provide clean and safe water but it also reduces carbon output as less firewood is burned to purify water.

About Anna

Anna from Relax Therapies

Anna is a Sports Therapist based in Birkenhead on the Wirral. She founded Relax Therapies in 2015 after being made redundant from her office job.

She loves the gym and her 2 cats!

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi