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Reflexology has it’s origins in ancient Egyptian medicine – old tomb drawings show images of foot massage.  The modern version of Reflexology started with with Dr William Fitzgerald and was later adapted by Eunice Ingham who coined the term reflexology.  It was brought over to the UK by Doreen Bayly one of Eunice’s students in the 1960s where it grew in popularity.

Theory of Reflexology

There are many theories of how Reflexology works but I believe that the pressure and massage sends a calming message to the nervous system reducing stress and allowing the body to relax and come back into balance.

Reflexology Session

A reflexology session starts with a consultation to find out your reasons for having Reflexology and to check there is no reason you cannot have treatment.  You would then remove shoes and socks and lie down comfortably.

Your feet are then massaged and pressure applied to specific points or reflexes on the feet.  This is very relaxing, however there will likely be a few tender spots which will be slightly uncomfortable when worked on – though it should not be painful.  Usually you would feel a sense of relief and enhanced relaxation when these points are worked on.

Is Reflexology suitable for everyone?

Reflexology is suitable for most people as it is a very gentle treatment.  If you have verrucas or athletes foot we would need to postpone treatment until it is cleared as it could cause the infection to spread.  People with serious health conditions may need to check with their GP before starting treatment.  Please contact me if you are unsure.

Pregnant ladies especially like Reflexology as their pregnancy bump can make it uncomfortable to lie on their front for a back massage and this is a wonderful pampering alternative to a traditional massage.

For more information or to book a treatment please contact me.  I provide mobile reflexology and massage services in the Wirral area, for pricing click here.

If you would like to learn more about Reflexology I highly recommend this guide for a basic introduction available on amazon.