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Menopause causes a lot of physical and emotional symptoms and I have put together a treatment using my combined experience as an aromatherapist, counsellor and sports massage therapist to help ease some of these symptoms.  

  • Essential oils are chosen specifically for you from a range that help with menopause symptoms – for example peppermint oil can ease hot flushes and bloating while basil can help regulate hormones
  • Sports massage therapy techniques can ease muscular aches and pains and I can show you some rehab exercises you can do to help preserve your mobility and muscle mass 
  • Massage can also help to relieve anxiety and stress which are common around menopause and perimenopause
  • As a fully qualified counsellor I can understand the emotional impact menopause can have and can offer some suggestions for coping strategies for you

Menopause massage is included in the massage membership scheme which is currently £55 a month or a single session is £65.  To find out more about massage membership click here 

To book a single session of menopause massage click here 

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