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I understand that if you have never had a massage before you might be anxoius about what to expect. Here are six commonly asked questions. If you have any questions not answered here please contact me and I will do my best to help!

1) Do I have to be naked?

No, you don’t have to be naked for a massage.  What you wear will depend on what your issue is and your reason for coming for a massage.   Most important thing to know is I drape you with a large sarong or sheet and your modesty is respected at all times.  You get changed behind a screen. 

I do understand that some people do prefer to remove as little clothing as possible and if this is you then here are some tips.

  • If you are having a back, neck and shoulder massage, leggings or pants with a loose waistband are perfect as then you can just remove your top.  However you are provided with a large sheet or sarong to cover yourself with so if you need to take your bottoms off this is no problem you will still be covered. 
  • Ladies  – a sports bra will need to be removed in order for me to access your back so you might prefer to wear a bra that can unclip – again though you are covered at all times so if you need to/want to remove your bra you will still be covered.
  • If you are having work done on your legs then shorts where the legs can be rolled up high are ideal, again though if you need to remove your pants you will be covered with a sarong or sheet.
  • For reflexology I need to work on your feet and lower leg so don’t wear pants that are tight around the ankle. 

2) Can I have a massage if I have a medical condition?

For the vast majority of people the answer is yes.

There exceptions and here are a few:

  • if you have an active infection or symptoms of one (eg cough, fever) then wait until this is resolved before having a massage
  • if you have an infectious skin condition such as scabies wait until it’s cleared up.  Local infections and skin problems rule out work on the affected area but you could still have a massage on unaffected areas.  For example if you have verrucas you can’t have a foot massage but you could have a back massage
  • you have poorly controlled diabetes or epilepsy please wait until this is under control before coming for massage
  • your blood pressure is very high and not controlled (if you are on medication and it’s well controlled this is fine)
  • if you have a DVT or suspected DVT you cannot have massage until this is resolved

Please be aware I am on the first floor of the building so if you have mobility problems and cannot use the stairs then contact me to see if a home visit is possible.

I  have been trained in oncology massage and can work safely with many people living with cancer.  Many people living with cancer find massage helps them relax and cope better with cancer treatments and side effects. 

If you are very unwell at the moment then please contact me and I will be happy to advise.

3. Does a massage have to be done lying down?

Most people think of massage carried out with them lying down, mostly on their front.  There are reasons why some people won’t find this comfortable or it isn’t safe, for example

  • Pregnant women
  • people with lower back pain can find lying flat painful
  • ladies with larger breasts can find this uncomfortable
  • people who have had abdominal surgery
  • people with breathing difficulties
  • Claustrophobia
Seated massage in a special massage chair

If you feel lying flat will be difficult for you there are other options. 

  • a special padded massage chair that supports your upper body as you sit upright
  • options to lie on your side
  • pillows and props to get you comfortable
  • the option to have a massage leaning on a back support

4. Can I get a massage during my period?

Massage is safe at all times of your menstrual cycle.  If you are on your period and feeling self conscious you could wear shorts, however you will be covered with a sheet or sarong at all times anyway.

Pregnancy – Women past the first trimester having an uncomplicated pregnancy are fine to have massage.  If you have any complications please check with a doctor or midwife before booking. 

5. I struggle with anxiety. What if I cry during my massage?

I know that some people have had negative experiences in the past and feel anxiety about getting undressed.  If this is you please feel free to reach out to me by email or phone to let me know your concerns before you book. 

I will do my best to help you feel comfortable.  I am a trained counsellor and understand the effects of trauma and one of my specialisms is working with anxious clients that are nervous about touch.

6. I feel self concious about my body

Everybody deserves to feel good, happy, relaxed and live without pain.  I have seen and massaged every type of body.  I’m not concerned about your weight or how you look.  I just want you to feel good. Whether you have scars, eczema, psoriasis I’ve already seen it all. 

My massage couch can safely hold up to 25 stone, and I have massaged clients with stomas.

I am also LGBTQ+ friendly.

Please know I want you to feel safe and comfortable and I won’t judge you or shame you. 

Every massage can always be adapted to suit you and your needs. 

About Me

My name is Anna and I am a Sports Therapist, massage therapist and trained counsellor. I have a special interest in chronic pain and mental health. It’s my mission to make massage inclusive to as many people as possible and for your experience to be comfortable and enjoyable.

Anna from Relax Therapies

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