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Almost every day in work I get asked, “How often should you get a massage?

It would probably not do you any harm to have a massage every day if you wanted to!  However most of us do not have the time or the money to do this.  So how often do you need to have a massage to get the maximum benefit?

This depends on why you want a massage!

Relaxation & Stress Relief

One of the very best reasons to get a massage is for relaxation. Relaxation massage helps to support your body, including blood circulation and flexibility of joints.

Regular massage can help prevent pain, muscle tension, and stress building up and causing problems. Why wait until you have a problem to get a massage? Massage is perfect for preventing pain and stress. Relaxation massage is usually recommended once per month, or as often as you want!

If you are going through a period of heavy stress, for example work is crazy busy you are more vulnerable to getting ill.   It is especially important to practice good self-care during these times. When we “don’t have time” for a massage, is usually when we need one the most. Make yourself a priority even during stressful times, your health is worth it.

If you work in an environment where you stay in a certain position for a long period of time (at a computer for example), you may begin to develop tight or “knotted” muscles. This will frequently occur in your shoulders, arms, and back. All of this increased muscle tension will make movement harder and can cause a great deal of pain. Regular massage can help to keep you loosened up and will help to prevent pain and stiffness.

Living with high levels of stress for a prolonged amount of time increases the risk of contracting heart disease and other diseases. It has been estimated that 75 – 90 percent of all visits to GPs are for stress related problems. The good news is, massage can help! Just knowing your massage is coming up in a few days can help to relieve stress, and a massage every 2-4 weeks will help with stress related tension.

Sports Recovery

Are you a weekend warrior, or do you just like to stay in shape?

Either way, massage can help with sports performance and recovery. Many athletes and physically active people receive sports massage because it enhances their performance, prevents injury, and speeds up recovery. Competitive sports can put a lot of stress on a person’s muscles! Research conducted at the Buck Institute for Research on Ageing at McMaster University in Ontario shows that massage reduces inflammation and stimulates the growth of new mitochondria, the energy-producing units in the cells, after strenuous exercise.

This means that massage can help relieve pain, build muscles and help with muscle recovery too!  For these benefits it is recommended that you get a massage up to three times a week or at least three times a month.

You might be training to run a a marathon or for another big event and schedule extra massages in the run up and then reduce them again once you have completed the event.

Chronic Health Conditions

People with ongoing health issues often find massage very helpful to alleviate symptoms. Chronic health problems that greatly benefit from massage therapy include back pain, joint pain, and fibromyalgia.  If you get therapy for specific issues, the frequency of getting massage therapy varies with the type of condition you have and how severe it is. Relief from pain can usually be achieved with 2-4 massage sessions per month. I will work with you to help you get on the best schedule for your body that fits in with your time and budget.


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