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Reflexology uses specialised techniques to massage the feet and lower legs.  It is carried out with you either lying on your back or sitting with your legs propped up.  The pressure used is quite firm so even if your feet are ticklish you should be able to relax and enjoy the treatment.

How does reflexology work?

The theory behind reflexology is that our feet have areas that correspond to different organs and areas of the body.  By stimulating these areas on the feet it stimulates the body to heal itself.

The treatment also helps by lowering stress levels and promoting a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.


A foot reflexology chart showing reflexes for headaches and relaxation etc

Foot Reflexology Chart Outline

A session will start with a brief consultation to check you can safely receive treatment and find out what your health concerns are.

You then remove shoes and socks and lie down for treatment.  Your feet will be gently cleansed with a wipe and a lotion will be applied.  Both feet and your lower legs will be worked on using specialised massage techniques.

Reflexology in pregnancy

Reflexology is especially popular with pregnant ladies or ladies trying to become pregnant.

It’s safe for any woman after the first trimester as long as there are no complications. If there are complications please check with your doctor or midwife before booking in.

Some women request reflexology at the end of their pregnancy to help promote labour.   As long as you don’t have any complications this is safe.  One theory is that the treatment promotes relaxation and reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body.  This can then help the body go into labour naturally.


60 minute appointment £40.00

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Prices for mobile visit from £70 depending on location and duration – contact me for more information.