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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy places lots of stress on your body as it grows and changes. Many women find that massage can help ease some of the pregnancy symptoms and help them feel better.

Is massage safe during pregnancY?

Massage is a safe and gentle treatment for pregnant women.  As long as you are past the first trimester and have no complications you can safely have a massage or reflexology.   Especially since during pregnancy there are many painkillers or medicines you cannot take massage or reflexology can be invaluable.

If you have any complications it may still be fine – please contact me for advice before booking in.

Pregnancy Treatments

The two main treatments I would recommend in pregnancy are:


Aromatherapy uses essential oils combined with a massage (usually on the back, neck and shoulders).   There is more information on aromatherapy here

Aromatherapy can be performed with you lying on your side or in a special massage chair so you are not lying directly on your bump.


Reflexology is a gentle and relaxing massage carried out on the feet.  The theory behind reflexology is that zones on your feet correspond to areas of the body.  Many women have reflexology to try to bring on labour once past their due date but it can be used at any stage of your pregnancy.

There is more information on reflexology here

what can massage help with during pregnancy?

If you are worried about your health when pregnant please speak to a midwife or doctor.

Here are some examples of issues that massage might help you with.

Back Pain

A growing baby changes your posture, which can lead to lower backache and sometimes upper backache too. Massage helps to relax and loosen up tight muscles which reduces tension in your back and prevents backache.  You can lie on your side or sit in a special chair so you don’t have to lie on the bump.

Heartburn and digestive issues

As pregnancy progresses, you may find that your digestion slows down, the baby presses upwards on your stomach and you end up with complaints like constipation and heartburn. Stress can make things even worse. Massage, aromatherapy or reflexology can help calm you and your digestive system back down, which may help to ease symptoms.


Pregnancy can put pressure on your sciatic nerve which leads to pain down the back of the thigh, leg and sometimes the sole of the foot. Try a gentle massage if you’re suffering from sciatica, as it can sometimes help to release the pressure on the nerve that causes the pain.

Headache and Migraine

Headaches are quite common in pregnancy.   They are often due to hormones and made worse by stress or tension in the head, neck and shoulder area.  Changes in posture due to a growing bump don’t help either!   Massage and reflexology are worth a try to ease this.


If you still have questions contact me

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