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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is for you if you feel a bit stiff and achey or prefer a firmer style of massage.  It’s great to loosen you up and help improve mobility.   If you have a specific injury or are in pain Sports Therapy (click here for more info) will probably suit you better.

People who benefit from this tend to be

  • office workers with stiff shoulders
  • people who prefer a firm pressure
  • people who feel stressed out and want to relax

What to expect

We do a consultation to check what your pain points are and what areas you want to focus on.  You will then undress behind a screen and cover yourself with a large sheet so you never feel exposed.

Deep tissue does not hurt.  Sometimes a very tight area needs to be worked on and it might feel a little uncomfortable.  Most people describe it as “good pain”.

Massage membership

I offer a monthly massage membershp scheme which offers you a 60 minute deep tissue massage with discounts over pay as you go prices and guaranteed no price increases.

For more information click here 

Make an Appointment

Please use our online booking system to choose your appointment time. This is the quickest way to get an appointment.