Massage therapy is perfect to relieve aches and pains or help you relax and destress. Here you can find the information you need to pick the right treatment for you. If you can’t decide between two different types of massage you can always go ahead and book and on the day we can change the appointment if another therapy would suit you better.

Everybody welcome

I want everyone to be able to feel the benefits of a massage.  I understand that some people are anxious about coming for a massage.  Please don’t worry! If you have any concerns or have ever had a bad experience with massage in the past please get in touch as I want to do my best to help you feel safe to visit.

  • I respect your dignity – you get privacy to get undressed and are given a large sheet to cover up with (no tiny towels here!)
  • LGBTQ+ friendly

My blog Feeling anxious about coming for massage? might help answer some questions or contact me with questions

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Hands giving a deep tissue massage


Deep tissue massage is for you if you feel a bit stiff and achey or prefer a firmer style of massage.  It’s great to loosen you up and help improve mobility.   If you have a specific injury or are in pain Sports Therapy (click here for more info) will probably suit you better. People who … Continue reading DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE

A hand being held

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage therapy is specially adapted for people undergoing cancer treatment or who have had cancer. Many people with cancer would like to have massage but worry if it is safe. Most people with cancer can have massage as long as the therapist has had specialist training. Macmillan Cancer support have some more information on … Continue reading Oncology Massage

Massage Memberships

At Relax Therapies I like to give my best deals to my regular clients. So I set up the Massage Membership as a way to reward my regular clients with the best offers. Massage membership costs £45 per month currently. Your price is fixed for as long as you remain a member which means that … Continue reading Massage Memberships

Man running


Not just for sports related injuries This is for you if you have an injury or are in pain and no you don’t have to be sporty to have Sports Massage Therapy! Clients who come to me for this range in age from teens to eighties! Examples of things that can be helped with Sports … Continue reading SPORTS MASSAGE/THERAPY

A pregnant stomach


Pregnancy places lots of stress on your body as it grows and changes. Many women find that massage can help ease some of the pregnancy symptoms and help them feel better. Is massage safe during pregnancY? Massage is a safe and gentle treatment for pregnant women.  As long as you are past the first trimester … Continue reading PREGNANCY MASSAGE

Massage therapist based in Wirral.


Aromatherapy is a massage treatment providing you with all the benefits of massage enhanced with the addition of essential oils. What are essential oils? Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from plants.  Essential oils affect the body in a number of ways absorbed into the skin when massaged on absorbed through the lungs when … Continue reading AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE

WIrral based mobile massage therapist

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment performed on the upper body which can be performed either lying down or seated in a special massage chair.  Indian head massage doesn’t cover just the head but the upper body. You can chose whether to use oils or not.  Oils act as a wonderful conditioning treatment … Continue reading Indian Head Massage


Reflexology uses specialised techniques to massage the feet and lower legs.  It is carried out with you either lying on your back or sitting with your legs propped up.  The pressure used is quite firm so even if your feet are ticklish you should be able to relax and enjoy the treatment. How does reflexology work? … Continue reading REFLEXOLOGY