7 Easy daily habits to stop back pain

Most of us will get back pain from time to time. Here are some easy daily habits to take up to reduce your risk of back pain

Look at your footwear

High heels are often a culprit in back pain. Ladies try to keep them for nights out and special occasions only and wear comfortable supportive shoes day to day.

Keep active

Many people spend hours sitting at a desk or behind the wheel of a car. Your body is not designed to be inactive and this can cause aches and pains.

If this is you try to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting and schedule in regular breaks. Could you stand up to take that phonecall? If you have an activity tracker like a fitbit you can set it to vibrate to remind you to move every hour.

Look at your posture

Are you slumped behind your desk? Or are you guilty of slumping on the sofa with your laptop on your knee? Stop!

Check this article from the NHS to help you sit better at work At first it will seem strange to sit properly but if you persevere it will get easier.

A man bending forwards holding his back in pain

Work on your core strength

A strong core helps support your spine. Check out this blog post for some exercise suggestions. Even just picking a couple of exercises and carrying them out twice a week should make a difference.

Quit Smoking

We all know smoking is bad for you! But did you know that smoking increases your risk of back pain by decreasing blood flow to the discs in the spine.

If you smoke this is another reason to stop!

Stop carrying heavy bags

Look at what you are carrying about day to day. If you need to transport heavy items – such as laptops, paperwork etc could you get a wheeled laptop case or a backpack?

Remember to split load evenly on both sides of your body so take two shopping bags and put equal weights in each one and carry one on each arm rather than carrying just on one side.


A few stretches can help ease stiffness and back pain and can be done in a few minutes while watching television or waiting for dinner to cook.

Try these stretches from the NHS website

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